Welcome to your dream networking community.

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Work Bestie is an exclusive online community that connects professional, ambitious women.

We remove red tape, throw gatekeeping out the window, and network more naturally by being ourselves!

At Work Bestie, we share our wins, struggles, and fears. 

Having professional, transparent career discussions shouldn't be taboo. 

Professionalism doesn't have to be all tight pants and stiff jackets.

It can be informative, shatter glass ceilings, and fun! 

Most of us have professional networking profiles and keep them updated, but we use it to find jobs and communicate with recruiters, not as a social platform. 

You can't talk about the issues you're having at your job in the same place that your company can see, right?

It's tough to be open with our colleagues and transparent about our struggles on sites like LinkedIn where you have to look and be your best to succeed.

We encourage you to bring all of yourself to this community because that's what makes you special!

We shouldn't ignore our struggles, we should see them as growth opportunities, which our community uplifts.

Not enough women openly talk about their career goals and struggles, but having those discussions helps us all get ahead. Let's start!

Our goal is to empower women in their careers through community support, having transparent conversations, sharing access to exclusive job opportunities, referrals, and much more!

Here are a few things Work Bestie offers:

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